How To Win At Online Sabong

With the current trend of online sabong, there are lots of enthusiasts who bet lots of money to win games, believe it or not, there are also some people who become addicted to Online sabong or cockfighting.

To be honest with everyone, there’s no correct way to win at online sabong, Online Sabong should be considered a fun gambling game for everyone, but since enthusiasts had requested us to create content on how to win, we created a list of tips on how to win an online sabong match

Get A Reputable Online Casino

Since we’re all enthusiasts of online gambling and we’ve played with lots of online casinos we highly suggest that you take a look closely and find a reputable online casino that does not scam its players, trust us, there are a lot of online casinos that may appear legit but will not let you withdraw your money because of some rules.

How can you tell if an online casino is legit? It’s easy! First, it should be licensed and registered in its own country, you can check the PAGCOR regulatory board to see the verified online casinos. 

You should also do your own research and check the online casino’s reputation, making sure that the casino is not involved in scams or controversies. You should also check the SSL encryption of the website to ensure fair play practices.

Legitimate and reputable online casinos have a bunch of payment options like Gcash, PayMaya, and bank transfer. Reputable online casinos have a timely manner when it comes to  withdrawals and deposits so make sure to look for an online casino that provides good customer service just in case things go south.

Study the Roosters

The roosters are the gladiators of the ring, there’s of course a crowd favorite and to win, you must study the roosters that you bet on. Before the fight, the audience will have a chance to see the roosters in the ring, from there an ample amount of time will be given to the audience to check the roosters, you can use this time to check the build, stance, and characteristics of the roosters before you place your bet, pay attention to the roosters’ feathers, shiny feathers often mean that the rooster is well fed and conditioned.

You can also learn the breeds of the roosters as there are lots to place your bets into. Remember to do your own research when it comes to different rooster breeds. 

Learn how to read the ScoreBoard

Much like in traditional cockfighting, there are also announcers in different online sabongs that basically say and announce game winnings, they also provide adequate information about the rooster breed and past achievements like boxing. 

Depending on the game provider there should be a scoreboard that provides the previous game winnings. It would help if you can study the scoreboard to increase the chances of winning. 

You can use the Martingale System wherein you double your bet after each loss, this system aims to eventually win back your losses and win back a profit. If you want a less aggressive system, you can try the Fibonacci system wherein you increase your bet after a loss and decrease the bet after you win by using the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.

If you’re a beginner in gambling, we suggest using the Paroli system, this is a positive progression where you increase your bet after a win and decrease it after a loss, this system is a very low risk that can be used by beginner gamblers. 

You can also use low-risk strategies like the D’alembert system wherein you increase your bet after a loss and decrease it after a win, the D’alembert system uses smaller bets compared to the Martingale System. You can also try to use the Flat betting system, the flat betting system is a betting strategy often used by conservative gamblers where you bet the same amount every time regardless on whether you win or you lose.

While there are lots of betting strategies, make sure that you study and do your own research, in this way, you will be able to come up with your own betting strategy.

Bet on the most favorable side

Betting on the most favorable side can be tricky, especially in online sabong. However, if you have done your research and you know what breed of rooster usually wins, then you can safely bet on the winning side. 


Online Sabong is an online game that is meant to be enjoyed by all its enthusiasts. Remember to enjoy the game and don’t stress too much about the results. It’s natural to lose at times, and its very exciting to win too. Remember that this is just a game and you play to enjoy! 

If you’re having problems with addiction it’s better to seek some help from a medical professional.

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