What is Online Sabong?

Sabong or cockfighting is a very popular bloodsport in the Philippines. It’s a game where two roosters are placed in a ring or cockpit to fight until one of them is incapacitated. Cockfighting has been in the Philippines since Spanish colonialism and has spread out throughout Southeast Asian countries.

Sabong has been a favorite pastime in the Philippines and it’s also considered a national sport by some. Although sabong became very controversial in most countries, in recent years, there had been talks about growing movements to ban cockfighting in the Philippines, but since it’s considered as a national sport, the game stayed legal and unbanned.

What is Online Sabong?

While Sabong is done in the sabongan, online sabong can be done in the comfort of your own home, you can use either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a PC that has a stable internet connection. 

At the time of writing this article, there are currently 9 licensed online sabong operators in the Philippines. Please take note that using other online sabong operators is illegal and can result in serious damages and penalties as per presidential decree No. 1602.

Because of the global pandemic of COVID-19 people are not allowed to go outside of their own homes for their own safety, and of course, with that comes boredom, but since Filipinos are resilient, the online casino business had gained a lot of traction and a huge following, from working Millenials to baby boomers, those who loved to gamble took their phones and played online gambling. 

Is Online Sabong legit and legal?

Online gambling or e-sabong is legal in the Philippines with the restrictions of the game providers. You can check the PAGCOR regulatory board to learn more about the game providers approved by the Philippine government. It is important to know legitimate online casinos to be safe and secure.

Why do people play online sabong

Sabong is the favorite pastime of people in the Philippines and with the help of technology, now enthusiasts can play online in the comforts of their own homes. With different online casinos popping up in the Philippine market, it’s no wonder that the boom of e-sabong became a trend, most online casinos employ master agents that invite lots of customers, and these master agents get a percentage every time the player cashes their money in.

One of the reasons people play on online casinos is because of the easy payment methods that can be used by lots of people, this includes Gcash, Maya, 7-11 pay, GrabPay, or debit and credit cards.

How does Online sabong work?

Online sabong works like a regular sabungan, although instead of you finding a bookie, you will be met with a system screen asking where you would like to place your bets. You can place your bets in either “Meron,” “Wala,” or “Draw” in the screenshot provided above, Meron is the red, and the blue is the “Wala” Take note that there are different variations of this game, sometimes the red corner is called “Pula” and the blue corner “Puti”  

Types of cockfighting roosters


The Talisayin rooster is a type of rooster with unclear origins, it’s a very popular breed in the Philippines, the Talisayin breed is named after the town of Talisay which is located in Batangas on the island of Luzon, Talisay, Batangas is also known to be the center of cockfighting in the Philippines.

The Talisayin breed is known for its superb fighting abilities and aggressiveness, it also has a muscular breed with sleek colorful feathers and sharp eyes. In the world of sabong, the Talisayin breed has a good reputation as a formidable fighter.


The Kelso rooster breed is a type of rooster that originated in the United States of America, particularly in Alabama, the Kelso breed is named after its founder Walter Kelso, who’s considered one of the most successful breeders in America.

The Kelso Breed is known to be smart and aggressive with agile and quick footwork, The Kelso breed is also known to have a tall and muscular build with strong, quick, and powerful legs. 


The Sweater Breed is a very popular breed that came from the united states and was developed by a cocker named Ira Parks in 1950s.

Unlike the Kelso and the Talisayin Breeds, the Sweater breed is known to be small and fierce. The Sweater breed is also known to be an impressive and aggressive gamefowl that has earned its reputation in cockfighting.


The Lemon breed is characterized by its lemon-yellow plumage. The Lemon breed is known to have a large body with a very muscular build. They are known to have a sharp and powerful beaks with strong agile legs. The Lemon breed is developed by a cocker named Harold Brown during the 1940s.

The Lemon breed is a very popular breed in the southern part of the united states but has gained attention in the Philippines and Mexico.


The Aseel or Asil Breed is known to be a very fierce breed from India and Pakistan, this breed of rooster is known for its formidable strength, endurance, and stamina. the feathers of the Aseel breed are known to be hard and glossy which is resistant to wear and tear which makes the breed take less damage during fights.


The Grey breed is a breed of a rooster that comes in various colors but they’re mostly colored grey and silver. The Grey breed is known to be tall and muscular in build with a long neck and broad chest. Its powerful legs give them an advantage in the cockpit, the Grey breed is also known for its intelligence, agility, and excellent fighting instincts. 

There are lots of breeds of roosters that excel in the cockpit, it’s best to know all the breeds and types of roosters that you have to place your bets into for a better chance of winning.


In conclusion, Online sabong is the favorite pastime of Filipinos, most sabungeros play online sabong because of the COVID-19 restriction which disallowed them from going to the Sabungan, thus, playing online casino games became a way to kill their boredom.

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